Car Leads On Your Wrist

EASI’R co-founder and CEO Mikael Moeslund shares his insights about the importance of processing leads in real-time and how apps for mobile devices can help.

The clock starts ticking

I often have meetings with car manufacturers and national sales companies that don’t distribute leads, results, or recognition in real-time. Sometimes, leads are passed on to dealerships, via email and even left up to the sales managers to distribute. Alternatively, leads are sent via an outdated lead management system, which didn’t really manage to get salesmen adoption. The result is that the “lead inbox” is being checked once a day, but I have also seen examples of being checked out only once a week. While the clock is ticking, the likelihood to turn this important first contact into a successful one, is getting smaller and smaller with every minute that passes by.

New platforms

Therefore, I’m a fan of how new platforms with a great user interface and experience can help automotive engage salespeople and drive performance, engagement and excitement in the dealer showroom. I am truly interested in how apps on the iPhone or even the Apple Watch – and all other smartphones and wearables – will affect businesses and, more specifically, sales organizations in the automotive industry.


The opportunity that wearables present to us, is to drive even harder on engaging with leads, quicker than ever before. Sure, the interface of the Apple Watch is clearly designed for lighter engagement, while the iPhone remains the main interface for more complex tasks. Instead of opening an email, or an app – those triggers and notifications can be delivered to salesmen, wherever they are, within office hours or 24/7, if desired. Unlike an email, you know the notification will be read, and can easily be acted upon right away.

Every minute counts in order to turn a first contact into a successful one. Special apps on smartphones and wearables present an opportunity to process leads in real-time and so to improve the performance of automotive sales organizations.

Revolutionize the car buying experience

Starting early September 2016, yet another of the world largest car manufacturers will rely on EASI’R to help their dealerships manage leads, accelerate sales and build profitable relationships. Specifically, they think EASI’R can revolutionize the car buying experience,  sales management and salesmen motivation at dealerships all over the world. Therefore, their dealerships will start to use EASI’R in the cloud, on iOS for iPads/iPhone and Apple Watch, when new sales opportunities arise.

As consumers increasingly rely on digital channels for purchase planning, I’m happy to see the automotive industry is starting to step-up to the challenge. At EASI’R we are simply happy to be part of the ride.

Operating on digital channels becomes more and more important to keep pace with ever more digital customers and to ensure a satisfactory customer experience. Therefore, we now made EASI’R also available in the cloud, on iOS for iPads/iPhone and Apple Watch.

About me

I am the CEO and co-founder of EASI’R, which has helped over 2,600 automotive dealerships and 16,000 users across Europe to accelerate sales and build profitable relationships. If you, as a car manufacturer, a national sales company or an online classifieds site, would like to test drive EASI’R, our team will help you get started in just 30 days. Contact us at


Being a developer at EASI’R:

About Working with the Latest Technology, Applause from Silicon Valley and Hot Dogs at a Bouncy Castle

We are looking for new ambitious developers to join our team at EASI’R! Get some insider insights into how it is to work as a developer at EASI’R! Peter Warnes (33), Senior Backend Developer at EASI’R since November 2015, talks about his work routine at the international Aarhus IT-company that provides the leading cloud relations platform for the automotive industry.

pete blog

Peter, what does a typical working day at EASI’R look like for you?

After a coffee (or 2), I usually start by reading my mails and plan the day. I will take a look at the scrum board to assess the status of the current sprint in preparation for our daily standup meeting. This is a meeting occurring daily and timeboxed to 15 minutes where the entire team talks about progress and challenges in their work. I am also Scrum Master and Delivery Lead at EASI’R, meaning that it is my responsibility to ensure the team is able to operate unhindered and free from any unwanted distractions, enabling us to meet our deliveries without getting stressed out or bogged down in the process.

What else can you tell us about your working day and week?

Most of a typical work day consists of… well… work! For me that means coding, meetings, problem solving to name but a few. The work here is diverse which I like, it keeps my day to day interesting. People in the development team have certain responsibility areas that they “own”, but everyone should be able to do everything so there is a lot of knowledge sharing and possibilities to work with new and exciting technologies. The company culture is really good and everyone gets along. We often have chats over a boiling kettle or a sizzling toastie maker in the breakout area. We also have a very playful philosophy here and have a number of nerf guns lying around the office so keep your eyes pealed! o_0

At EASI’R, the team is working on the development of innovative features that disrupt the way customer relations management in the automotive industry works. We are releasing a lot of new stuff to a lot of users. We are always using the latest technology and it’s fascinating to see that our software is arousing great international interest, even in Silicon Valley, and is used by the leading automotive brands all over the world!


What are the developers at EASI’R working on in detail?

We are working on some really cool stuff right now actually, we’ve just launched a feature to bake in a reward function into the platform aimed at engaging salesmen and driving them to perform better while at the same time enjoying using our software. Other things are Social Media integrations and native mobile apps to put our software in the hands and pockets of our end users reducing the lag between something that they care about happening, and them knowing about it to almost zero. We are continuously improving our software and underlying platform, this is really important to us, especially now while we are growing so fast which gives us some real challenges. Maintaining a secure, high quality base makes it much easier to adapt and saves us a lot of time in the long run. It’s also far more fun to work with!

What do you like most about working at EASI’R?

I think the two things I value most about working here are the fun and laid back office culture and the technology. Other companies I’ve worked for in the past have been reluctant to move to new technologies for various reasons, and the longer they wait, the harder it gets. Not at EASI’R, here we jump on upcoming technologies, be it a new major version of something we already use, or something completely new that we think we can use to make our work and software better. Technology is a fast moving industry and if you don’t keep up to date, you become a dinosaur very quickly. Everyone in the team is extremely skilled, our developers come from all over Europe and are leaders in their field. There is a lot to learn from the people here at EASI’R making personal and professional development an unavoidable and effortless side effect from working here.

Besides that, it’s pretty cool being a part of a company that is enjoying international success with some of the worlds leading automotive brands. The leading US Silicon Valley magazine Venture Beat published a great feature about us and referred to EASI’R as the disruptive “Silicon Vikings”!


Team work is key at EASI’R and every one of our developers has a large influence on the product roadmap. The developers have short daily morning meetings to exchange about current tasks, timings and questions. Having fun together is essential, from a grill party for lunch around a bouncy castle to watching a great car race with the team.

Very important final question: How is the working culture?

I feel really comfortable at EASI’R.  We are a dynamic, international team with people from the UK (me), Germany, France, Romania, Poland and the Netherlands that love, besides from delivering great work, having fun together. We are living a true start up culture here and never say no to a little nerf-gun-action (a toy for 4+ year olds), and it happens quite often that the whole team is involved in a massive shootout. The management team occasionally does something spontaneous too which is nice, a while back we were all surprised with a big bouncy castle at the office with hotdogs and chips (not a good combo btw), that was a great laugh. We also have some company wide events, the last one was at the Classic Race Aarhus where we had a tent right by the finish line.

Data Security has highest priority: EASI’R & ISO 27001

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 14.41.06

For us at EASI’R, data security has highest priority.

We are proud to have received our ISO 27001 certificate. Implementing ISO means that we take maximum care about the security of our own and of our customer’s data. EASI’R is one of only few companies in Denmark having received this certificate.

The security management system of EASI’R is certified according to the international ISO 27001 standard. This confirms our compliance with specifications for the security of information management systems, customer interactions, our product and internal processes. EASI’R was certified by DAS Certification (Direct Assessment Services).

ISO 27001 is a specification for an information security management system (ISMS). This refers to a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved in an organisation’s information risk management processes.

In order to secure our high security standards, EASI’R commits to regular internal and external audits. All of our data is stored within the European Union and is 100 % controlled by EASI’R.


We are growing … and looking for 20 new developers in Aarhus!

We are happy about having achieved 197 % growth in 2015. And we are excited about 2016 and are about to expand to 16 new countries and to help car salesmen all over the world with our disruptive CRM solution. Having closed new contracts in Germany and the UK, we need further support for our developers team.

To be more precise: We are looking for 20 new developers in Aarhus! If you have been in a position at an international IT consultancy for more than 3 years and live and breathe for creating SaaS solutions on the edge of new technologies, we are happy to hear from you! At EASI’R you will join a highly skilled team with a great sense of humour.  For more information, please check our career site at


EASI’R: CRM Next Generation!

EASI'R Screen - hi_res

Learn more about EASI’R – the Disruptive Automotive CRM Solution with the Unique Intelligent Algorithm Predicting When Customers Will Buy Cars – Even Before They Know Themselves

Our mission: With the new generation of EASI’R, we want to change and improve the work routine of car salesmen more than anything else ever managed to do before – and to fully disrupt the current CRM market. EASI’R now offers a complete new generation of Cloud CRM for the international automotive industry, being centered around a unique, built-in, intelligent algorithm, that can i. a. predict when customers are willing to buy a new car, even before they know it themselves. The algorithm is ready to predict right away from the first second on, is self-learning and works on the data that dealerships received from their own customers. The algorithm anonymizes that information and then uses the regional and brand specific data for making predictions, exclusively and specifically tailored to an EASI’R contractor.

With its predecessor CRM solution, EASI’R is already helping 2,600 automotive dealers and 16,000 users across Europe for 10 years to increase sales and is trusted by leading OEM’s like Audi, BMW, or VW. The first company to use the new, Artificial Intelligence CRM solution from EASI’R is eBay`s salesmen Workbench BILINFO, starting with 1,400 dealerships.


The purpose of the EASI’R algorithm: Predicting for the automotive industry what will happen, before it really happens and so enabling salesmen to maximise closure rates. By combining domain expertise with intelligent interactions, it smartly analyses anonymized patterns in customer behaviour, clusters them based on collected demographic data, on online searching behaviour on the dealer’s website and on past and present personal interaction with salesmen. This way, the EASI’R algorithm predicts the most promising next steps for each individual customer throughout their whole lifecycles – guiding salesmen to take a proven, best possible relations-accelerating path. Due to the enormous clustering work done by the EASI’R algorithm, it can e. g. predict when a customer is going to buy a new car. The data of specific customers being addressed then derive from personal customer contact information a dealer has collected, e. g. if a customer has registered for a test drive online or has used the car configurator, or had already bought a car earlier from the same dealer.

What the algorithm can do as well: In case a customer has rejected an offer, it predicts when the ideal time would be to contact them again and with which offer in order to increase the likeliness of closing a deal in the end. In addition, knowing the anonymized customer patterns, the algorithm tells automotive dealers when, by which communicative channel (e.g. if better via phone or e-mail), with which content or offer an individual customer needs to be addressed in order to maximise the likeliness of a purchase. All in all, the EASI’R algorithm turns every salesman, independent of personal talent, into kind of a “superhuman” sales person, by equipping him or her with the supernatural ability to predict the future, when it comes to customer behaviour.


EASI’R was specifically set up to equip automotive manufactures with a sharp tool enabling them to deal with the challenges arising from the current extensive upheaval of the automotive industry concerning customer relation management. With saturated markets, competition by new players, growing flexible mobility solutions, and Millennials being less keen on purchasing cars, automotive manufacturers are more than ever under pressure to improve customer loyalty, to remain competitive and to maintain the existing customer-stock. They need a tool enabling them to keep pace with a new customer generation, becoming ever more tech-savvy, demanding and handles pre-purchase research online. Besides, manufacturers often struggle with interrupted customer journeys due to non-integrated solutions or missing links between the on- and offline world.

To enable dealers to assimilate in the changed market situation, a new generation of CRM is needed, that is going beyond pure data collection, organization and automated tasks. EASI’R was setup to address the current industries’ challenges most efficiently. Therefore, unlike many competitors, EASI’R also covers the complete customer lifecycle, including the often neglected post-purchase phase, to enhance customer loyalty and the likeliness of future re-buying. Here, the EASI’R algorithm can help salesmen prevent losing a customer by analysing the likeliness that and when someone will drop out of the sales process – and figure out the most promising next steps for future follow-ups in order to strengthen their readiness to buy a car, as well as their brand loyalty.

EASI’R is available in three versions: Standard, Advanced and Premium. The Standard version offers a structured sales process, the Advanced Version enables more freedom of customization and integration to more than 500 apps. The Premium Version is for companies that want to be at the frontier of new technologies, containing the algorithm. Request a demo at

Big data and automated learning

Combining big data and automated learning through algorithms, creates a strong tool to maintain customer relations and loyalty.

At EASI’R we have joint forces with some of the brightest minds within their respective field of work in our advisory board. Dr. Morten Middelfart has 2 Ph.D.s, 7 U.S. patents and 25 worldwide patents within machine learning and business intelligence. Combining this with more than 20 years of work with big data Dr. Morten Middelfart has in close cooperation with the tech team at EASI’R developed algorithms that learns based upon the customer behavior. This means that the salespeople who uses the platform gain insight and help in the decision making to close more sales, and most important, how to keep and maintain a strong relation to the customers in the long run.

Below you can hear some of the key areas of which Dr. Morten Middelfart sees as not only the future, but what is possible already tomorrow when it comes to learn from big data.