Let’s Accelerate Sales – with the help of our EASI’R Support team!

Our top 4 of most frequently asked questions to the Customer Support team for Lead-management

Using a lead-management software like EASI’R sounds challenging for users that have not worked with this type of business software before. However, it can actually do a really great job to help car salespeople sell more cars in a shorter period of time and to ease them of all those tiny manual daily tasks, so that they can fully concentrate on their core competencies: Talking to customers, figuring out their needs and wishes and to close the contract in the end!

Let’s get an impression of the convenient usage of EASI’R and read the top 4 most frequently asked questions by our end-users who start working with EASI’R, answered by our experts, the international EASI’R Support team!

Most frequently asked question 1:   
Does EASI’R have a feature to send automated emails?

We often get this question asked by our end-users, because they are concerned with staying in touch with a variety of customers during a busy work day. To take stress off, EASI’R offers a feature called Automated relations. While creating activities in the system, the user can set up a communication strategy, which will be executed either hours or days after the last contact. This way, the car dealer can be sure that communication with the customer stays in a constant flow and he does not have to waste time and resources handling manual work.


Most frequently asked question 2:
How can I personalize, for example, emails in EASI’R?

Due to increasing digitalization, leads today are often generated via sources like car configurators or online test drive requests, which can be a bit impersonal for the customer. So, for the first initial contact, it is important to formulate emails in a more personal fashion. EASI’R offers different options to give communication a more personal touch. One of the first steps that we recommend taking, when a new dealer is starting to work with EASI’R, is to set up the signature and to add a picture. This way, the customer gets a more personal impression when getting contacted by the car dealer for the first time. Additionally, pre-written templates can help the car dealer to simplify communications.

EASI'R profile

Most frequently asked question 3:
I am often outside of the dealership hosting test drives or making deliveries. Is there an EASI’R app so I can work on my leads outside of the dealership?

EASI’R offers an app for iOS and for Android. It supports different platforms like smartwatches, smartphones, and tablets. This way, the car dealer can manage leads and communication in real-time, never missing out on a new incoming lead. The app enables them to see and act on customer requests from anywhere, any time, independent of their physical presence in the office. This is especially important since customers today expect a very fast follow-up on their requests. During their online research, they might have sent the same request to different dealerships and whichever is the fastest to follow-up, is very likely to win the lead.


Most frequently asked question 4:
Is it possible to integrate social media into EASI’R?

EASI’R supports a Social media integration feature, incorporating publicly available data from customers’ social media profiles into the system. As soon as the salesperson creates a new contact in EASI’R, the system scans all publicly available data in platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn and compares it to the data in EASI’R. If there is a match, the profiles will be linked in EASI’R. The data found online is valuable information for the salesperson, as they can now custom-make the communication towards the consumer. If a customer, for example, has two children, the salesperson is more likely to present a family-friendly car based on the information found in social media and can increase the chances of success.  With the Social media integration feature, salespeople can get to know their customers a bit better from the available online information – even though they have not yet met in person.

social-media-integration-german-mockupBy Nina Falkenreck, German Customer Support Manager 




Big data and automated learning

Combining big data and automated learning through algorithms, creates a strong tool to maintain customer relations and loyalty.

At EASI’R we have joint forces with some of the brightest minds within their respective field of work in our advisory board. Dr. Morten Middelfart has 2 Ph.D.s, 7 U.S. patents and 25 worldwide patents within machine learning and business intelligence. Combining this with more than 20 years of work with big data Dr. Morten Middelfart has in close cooperation with the tech team at EASI’R developed algorithms that learns based upon the customer behavior. This means that the salespeople who uses the platform gain insight and help in the decision making to close more sales, and most important, how to keep and maintain a strong relation to the customers in the long run.

Below you can hear some of the key areas of which Dr. Morten Middelfart sees as not only the future, but what is possible already tomorrow when it comes to learn from big data.