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Case Study: Jaguar Land Rover/British Car Import A/S

Implementing EASI’R for Jaguar Land Rover dealerships in Scandinavia: Bridging the gap between online and offline processes in automotive retail

The client

The client, British Car Import A/S (BCI), is the main importer of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. BCI is ensuring the coverage of the Nordic markets for Jaguar and Land Rover in line with brand identity and corporate standards, set by the manufacturer’s headquarters in the UK. Selling premium car brands, BCI has a strong focus on ensuring high standards regarding customer experience and service.

Business situation

The business plan for British Car Import A/S includes the growth target to increase their dealership network in Scandinavia by 100 % within the next three years, to gain more market share. This growth plan is closely connected to the planned launch of electric premium vehicles in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.


As a NSC, British Car Import A/S reports to the Jaguar Land Rover manufacturer in the UK, which has, by the beginning of 2017, established new processes to ensure coherent quality standards regarding customer service and experience across all dealerships and countries.

BCI now needs to fulfill the following requirements:

Detailed performance reports to Jaguar Land Rover in the UK, which include insights into the major online and offline lead sources for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles in the Nordics and on the average response time to customer’s requests

 All leads need to be responded to within 4 hours (Opening hours)

 If a lead is flagged as a lost lead (Purchase rejection reason), then this lead is handed over to a lead agency that will try to reactivate this lead

Business need

To fulfill the requirements of the manufacturer and to realize their three-year growth plan, British Car Import A/S have decided that they need a professional lead-management software solution for all dealerships in the Nordics.

Major business need for BCI was to find a solution that would help them with the fact that customers in the automotive sector in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, these days are far more digital than the retail industry is.



The Jaguar Land Rover dealerships in the Nordics were still highly focused on serving customers who visit a showroom, but they were lacking a tool that would allow them to transfer the same premium service to their official online appearance – even though the customers already complete most of their research online alone. In addition, BCI needed a tool that would enable them to generate regular reports to the manufacturer, based on Big Data analytics.

Against this background, BCI’s expectations towards a lead-management software included:

Enabling them to bridge the gap between online and offline worlds in automotive retail

 Enabling them to pick up customers already conducting their online research at home in front of their tablets, smartphones and computers, and guide them to the dealerships for a test drive

⇒ Ensuring immediate follow-up processes on customers who have sent an online request to a Jaguar Land Rover dealership in the Nordics and minimizing the response time – as fast responses increase the chances to win the customer

⇒ Generating quick and detailed reports, for valuable insights into the retail processes: For the manufacturer’s needs, for BCI’s needs, for the NSC’s needs, for their dealerships and for the different business roles in dealerships



British Car Import A/S needed to overcome three major challenges regarding the implementation of a professional lead-management software:

  1. Ensuring that all necessary data is delivered
  2. Ensuring the user acceptance of the dealership teams in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark
  3. Quick implementation process within only a few weeks


British Car import chose EASI’R, a cloud-based SaaS solution, as their lead-management solution for all Jaguar Land Rover dealerships in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, for the following reasons:

⇒ Automotive specific lead-management solution

 Coherent solution for bridging the gap between online and offline worlds in automotive retail

 Expertise in premium car brands

 Fast implementation process from scoping to go-live within 6 weeks

Fast and easy onboarding process for sales people and dealership managers, via a social media like experience, the EASI’R in-app guidance, and through an intuitive modern user experience

 Desktop and mobile solution, all devices supported

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EASI’R has gone live for all Jaguar Land Rover dealerships in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark in April 2017 and is now fulfilling the following functions for BCI:

Collecting leads from all official Jaguar Land Rover online lead sources in the Nordics in real time in one single platform, plus sales people being able to store and process leads from the dealerships, trade shows and events here (“offline world”)

 Enabling processing of all types of leads in real-time, directly from the EASI’R platform

 Equipping all sales people with the EASI’R app, available for smartphones, smartwatches and tablets to enable notifications about new leads in real-time and to enable lead follow-ups in real time from anywhere – which further shortens reaction times


How EASI’R helped BCI to overcome the initial three challenges:

Challenge 1, ensuring that all necessary data is delivered to the dealerships via EASI’R, was solved with the EASI’R connect engine/API, which enables a smooth data transmission between all data sources of BCI and EASI’R

 Challenge 2, to ensure the acceptance amongst the end users of the software, EASI’R offered a specific EASI’R onboarding program which demonstrated the easy usage and clearly pointed out the advantages for every single sales person in their daily working life. The EASI’R in-app guidance and the social media like user experience further contributed to strengthen user acceptance. All in all, the Jaguar Land Rover dealerships have been on a good way to support user acceptance from day one on, with more and more progress

⇒ Challenge 3, the requirement for quick implementation within only a few weeks, is a USP of EASI’R and could be fulfilled within only 6 weeks


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Six months after the implementation of EASI’R for all Jaguar Land Rover dealerships in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, British Car Import A/S has achieved the following outcomes:

Before the implementation of EASI’R, 60 % of all leads were followed up on within 4 hours, with those 4 hours being the Jaguar Land Rover standard

Six months after the implementation, already 80 % of all leads are followed up on within 4 hours

 All necessary reports for the manufacturer can be delivered by BCI

About EASI’R

EASI'R dashboard

EASI’R is the leading cloud relations platform for the international automotive industry. EASI’R is being used by more than 2,600 dealerships all over Europe, amongst them TOYOTA Germany, BMW Denmark, Jaguar Land Rover Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, and eBay motors Denmark.

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