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International Success Together with Strong Partners

Regional expertise, exclusive insider knowledge, new connections and fresh input: No doubt, for us at EASI’R, authorized business partners play a key role in our GTM (Go To Market) strategy. Every partner enriches EASI’R with its own deep understanding of regional and local automotive retail markets, with country-specific visions, keys to unlocking closed doors and ambitions to shape the future of the automotive retail industry. Our partners help us to realize our vision: To revolutionize global automotive retail with an advanced lead-management and sales acceleration software, that helps OEMs, importers, large dealer groups and providers of car classified sites to sell smarter, faster, more targeted and 100 % in line with the demands of increasing digitalization.

We are proud to be working together with some of the best partners in the European automotive industry such as ART PM Automotive, ANNSCOM, GUDAT CONSULTING, CONTEAM, White Clarke Technologies, and ARCOMA PROMOTION AG, and are always open to welcoming new partners on board, helping us and them to accelerate growth and execute our “partner-first” strategy.

Read more about our partner approach in the 2-minute-interview with the EASI’R VP of Sales, Frank Bunte.

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Question: Frank, why are partners important for EASI’R?

Frank Bunte: The worldwide automotive industry has been enjoying a period of relatively strong growth and profitability, thus annual sales volumes have reached pre-recession levels in some regions. We observe two trends here:

1. Dealers earn little from new-car sales; their profits come largely from service, parts sales, and used-car sales. They will, however, continue to be a vital part of the sales chain, and the lack of a robust dealership network will for the foreseeable future be a competitive disadvantage for any automaker.

2. Consumers want a seamless car-buying experience that includes the purchase decision, financing, and insurance — and both customers and dealers are motivated to speed up the transaction process from lead to car sold. Most vehicle purchasers already browse online to gather the information they need to choose a car, and although they still may want to take a test drive, many have also expressed that they would like to have an online “buy now” button and a “no-pressure” auto purchasing experience. Obviously, even as the internet gains importance as a shopping channel, dealers will still want to use the test drive as a way to get face-to-face with consumers and close a sale.

“EASI’R is used by more than 2600 dealerships, many were introduced by partners. The market potential for EASI’R is huge, there are more than 68.000 dealers in Europe alone, across 36 markets, who all have their own specifics and flavours to process not to disregard sales culture. We need partners who understand their automotive retail markets.”

That means: Accommodating these shifting attitudes about buying a car will require equal changes to dealers’ processes, including investment in new technology. It is our mission to build a market leading, high quality product with EASI’R, in order to facilitate and support the transformation of the industry as described and address all challenges along the way. However, with over 68.000 dealers in Europe alone across 36 markets, who all have their own specifics and flavours to process not to disregard sales culture, we need partners who understand their automotive retail markets and its specifics and complexities, inside and out. Even more importantly, they are trusted business partners and have strong relationships with OEM’S, NSC’s, importers, with dealers and dealership groups all around the world.EASI'R dashboard

Question: What do you expect from a possible partner and what can they expect from EASI’R in return?

Frank Bunte: We are open for any potential partner who understands and feels at home in this rapidly changing and very dynamic ecosystem of automotive retail. We work together with traditional partners like CRM boutiques who have clients such as importers, dealership groups etc. We also work together with marketing agencies that drive lead generation campaigns for OEMs or importers, and we work together with financial institutions which are active in the area of providing leasing and financial services to the industry.

For us, those that change the legacy systems to prepare dealers for the future of lead management and car sales, as well as those who just have an interest to leverage their trusted relationships and network in this industry, are very welcome to join us as an affiliate or referral partner.

Our product is already deployed and productive at more than 2600 dealerships in Europe alone, many of those were introduced through partners, which proves our model and that we are working along the right track. A fair, transparent and loyal relationship with all of our partners who have joined us up to date, has led to that success and we are looking forward to welcoming new partners on board to accelerate that success further.

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Question: What does the process of becoming an EASI’R partner look like?

Frank Bunte: That is fairly simple to answer. Anyone who has an interest to joining our partner family can reach out to or approach me directly. We would appreciate a brief introduction and rationale behind your interest when you reach out. We typically respond within 24 hours and get back to interested parties with more details around our partner program and schedule an initial video call to walk you through the specifics of the on-boarding process and agree on next steps. So, if you like what you read about us so far and consider partnering, don’t hesitate to reach out now and we look forward to hearing from you.


Frank Bunte: By the way: We have established a premium partner on-boarding process at EASI’R to make sure that our partners are trained, enabled, and equipped with all they need in a very short period of time to become productive, authorized and to drive business. Our on-boarding team includes dedicated partner managers as well as sales and marketing support, so we don’t leave any of our partners alone and are all in it to WIN together big time. We also appreciate constant feedback, both on our operating partner framework, as well as the product fit itself, and take that into serious consideration in our release planning to make sure our partners succeed in front of their customers.

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