225,000 visitors, 6,500 exhibitors and five days full of the latest industrial technology trends – the Hannover Messe in 2017!
Of course, we at EASI’R couldn’t miss such an event and so we sent our VP of Sales, Frank Bunte, to the trade fair in Germany to spot the newest developments of the global automotive industry.

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However, discovering new innovations and product launches was not the only reason Frank had to visit the event.

During the trade fair, the most innovative Software Solutions of the year 2017 were awarded with the prestigious INDUSTRIEPREIS 2017 and we at EASI’R are proud and happy to have received the “Best of 2017” certificate, for our lead-management and sales acceleration solution for the automotive industry!


But enough self-praise, and back to the conference. What Frank was looking for in detail in Hannover, were the developments regarding digitalization of automotive retail – a key topic for us at EASI’R who help OEM’s, NSC’s and importers to bridge the gap between the online- and offline worlds in the customer journey and help sales people to pick up customers already in front of their smartphones, tablets and laptops at home, when they do research for a new car, before they even visit the dealership.

Picture Frank2Frank’s recap after the trade fair: “The increasing digitalization of automotive retail was a dominant topic among the visitors. The future of the automotive industry is changing tremendously, major manufacturers and retailers must diversify their customer engagement and business models in a more and more digital way or risk becoming irrelevant and forgotten in the eyes of the consumer.

In this context, data is becoming an increasingly important part of the equation, where automotive companies are now using a digital multi-channel approach to better understand their prospective buyers and cater to their increasingly sophisticated ways. Corporations are collecting this consumer data from the web and incorporating it into their business plans as sales continue to shift from brick and mortar to online, creating detailed customer profiles collected from online transactions. The strategy is to apply this data to a more tailored or customized approach to the in-dealership experience to then increase likelihood of a transaction”.

Solutions needed that address the changing consumer behavior in automotive

Additionally, while solutions exist for all processes up to the Point-of-Sale and the future of automobile connectivity, for instance, the gap between fleet-management and workshops will be closed through a real-time vehicle monitoring by permanent connectivity through location based services. There are only a few solutions to address the measurement of pre- and post-sale interactions and engagement, specifically around increased lead conversion, customer retention and increasing repeat business. Nearly all consumers do research first online, before going to a dealership, thus vehicle purchases made by consumers who walk into a dealership first, have significantly dropped over the last few years. 75 percent of all consumers have purchased the car they already had in mind when visiting a dealership. Consumers identify car reviews on independent websites as their most trusted source and 68 percent report using online sources to find the dealership of choice. Source: Deloitte, The Foundation of Future Retail Report.

New business and sales models will evolve as the data gap will eventually, close, but no clear winners have emerged yet.

What Frank was particularly impressed with during his time at HANNOVER MESSE, were the several growth and expansion-stage companies entering into this area, some that we had seen before in their earlier stages and others, that were entirely new to the conference scene.

Here’s a sneak peek of his favourite highlight…


Virtourio, which is a subsidiary of Favendo Group, the European market leader in location based services, provides it’s automotive retail clients a completely new kind of targeted approach, by guiding and driving interaction with the point of interest using mobile as the key for future decentralized car dealerships. By integrating location based marketing, indoor navigation and augmented reality, they will enable their clients to cover data collection along the entire marketing process, enriching leads with valuable information generated directly at the point of sale and ultimately driving higher conversions.

With the App you can interact with your customers the moment they are receptive or are interested in a specific car, you provide the possibility to recognize every vehicle in the street and make personalized, specific offers for new and used cars as well as mobility packages. You can also visualize your customers dream configuration whilst showing them the available vehicles at any car dealers nearby. If that is not enough, you can provide local test cars by delivery services, rental cars or car sharing, guide the customer automatically to the selected retailer and by indoor navigation directly to their car of choice without any human interaction – literally bridge the gap from first digital engagement into the physical dealership to interact with your car sales staff.

With the App you can advice and sell – especially on Sundays and holidays. You can also accompany the prospective buyer easily over a longer decision period by providing all those relevant interactions and data points into your Lead Management and Sales Acceleration Apps, such as EASI’R.

Interested in EASI’R? Request a personal demo with Frank Bunte at sales@easir.com and discover how we can help you to accelerate your sales!

1: unsplash.com/Daria Shetsova
2: Frank Bunte
3: unsplash.com/evstratov