Discover the EASI’R Games Room!

Having fun and enjoying coming to work each day is a crucial part of the EASI’R work experience. We believe that people who work hard and give their best to create great things should also have a great portion of fun. Therefore, we promote a laid back attitude in the office and have a well-equipped games room!

So whenever someone needs a break, wants to blow off some steam in virtual reality or wants to crush a team mate at table football, they go to the games room. Here, people can relax on the sofa, watch TV, and of course also play! We have games consoles, driving/gaming seats with driving controls and table football. Of course not all fun can be limited to the games room, and on occasion a nerf war has been known to break out in other areas of the office.

We believe in loving what you do and that life is too short to not work somewhere awesome. So why not check out our careers page and see if there is something for you?


Right now we are looking for new team members for our Development department. We have an opening for a Backend Developer for Special Projects, and are continuously looking for interns and students to help out in general. So if you think you fit the bill and like what you see, then please get in touch by calling Miriam on +45 22 17 67 71 or send an application to