Press Release: Launch Social Media Integration Feature

New for Lead Management and CRM Software:
EASI’R is Launching a New Feature which Enables Automotive Salespeople to Gain Access to Information from Public Social Media Customer Profiles

Chemnitz/Aarhus December 2016 – Getting to know potential customers in the automotive retail sector before you first meet them means being able to make tailor-made offers: Publicly available information from Social Media Platforms makes this possible. Until now, the central obstacle preventing most salespeople from using these resources was the time intensive, manual research. The German-Danish IT-company Loyalty Factory is now offering a solution for its Lead- and Customer Relationship Management software EASI’R, and has launched the new feature ‘Social Integration.’ It offers systematic, fast access to social media information for car salespeople in the used and new car retail sector.

EASI’R CEO Mikael Moeslund: “With the new feature, automotive retail salespeople get fast, structured access to relevant information, e. g. about the current position and company a potential customer is working for, about their family status and the number of children. Information about the types and models of cars a customer has possibly “liked” on social media in the past, or comments he has written about them are highly valuable. If a salesman has access to such information, he can make tailor-made offers before the first meeting, and so enhance the chances to close the contract in the end.”

This is how the new EASI’R feature works: A salesman inputs the first and last name in the EASI’R user dashboard, and – if available – also residence and e-mail address of a customer about whom he would like to know more. With this information, EASI’R scans all social media platforms, e. g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and searches for so called “matches”. A match exists if the correct, searched person has been found during the search process and the salesperson was provided with the link to their social media profile and a profile picture. EASI’R also controls for user names that are present several times on social media platforms. Due to this comparison of different social media platforms, EASI’R can narrow down beyond doubt which person is the prospective searched customer.

EASI’R CEO Mikael Moeslund emphasises: “We are of course only looking for customer information which is public and freely accessible for everyone. The nature of this information depends on the personal privacy settings of the respective social media account owners. We only have access to that information that anybody could already google. However, with EASI’R we enable faster access for car salespeople to such information, via a smart, systematic scan of all social media platforms with only one click. This social media information would ordinarily be beyond most salespeople because a manual search for each customer would be too time consuming.

About EASI’R

 The Lead and Customer Relationship Management solution EASI’R has been available since February 2016, and is currently being used in Germany by more than 1000 dealerships 2016. For example, EASI’R is being used by TOYOTA all over Germany. EASI’R has been specifically developed to bridge the gap between the online and offline world in customer contact, which has been caused by digitalization. Various features are enabling this bridging process. Amongst these is the collating of all online and offline leads under one roof, with the possibility of a direct further processing of the whole sales team in this central platform. In addition, EASI’R provides more specific functions, for example a reminder function for follow-ups, and a pre-planned, automated contact function with text proposals and professional layouts – all aiming to shorten the reaction times to customer requests in retail. This gives salespeople using EASI’R a competitive advantage. Aside from that, EASI’R also offers an App for smartphones, smart watches and tablets so that salespeople can process customer requests from anywhere, anytime.