Press Release

EASI’R & TOYOTA Germany:
TOYOTA is converting its customer relationship management Germany-wide, and is integrating the new German-Danish CRM solution – EASI’R 

  • German TOYOTA dealerships are starting to use EASI’R
  • EASI’R is a central constituent of TOYOTAs digitalization strategy
  • It allows quicker follow-ups for customer contacts, more flexibility for salespeople through app-integration, and selection of premium leads and predictions through artificial intelligence
  • EASI’R is helping TOYOTA to assimilate to digitalization, and close the gap between the online and offline worlds, in the area of customer contact management

Chemnitz/Aarhus 13th October 2016 – TOYOTA is converting its lead and customer relationship management tool, Germany-wide, and integrating the new German-Danish IT solution EASI’R. From now on, the TOYOTA dealerships in Germany will use the new software for the daily processing of leads. Sevilay Gökkaya, General Manager Marketing at TOYOTA, said about the implementation of EASI’R, “We won’t only achieve our planned growth via our existing stock of customers, but also by winning new customers. The lead and customer relationship management is a central component for us – next to a promising product portfolio and attractive financing offers.”

EASI’R shall help particularly in bridging the gap between the online and offline worlds in the area of customer contact. This gap is generally caused by the fact that today, customers do their product research predominantly online, and find their way into the car showroom quite late. EASI’R CEO Mikael Moeslund explains that “EASI’R has specially been designed to close this gap and to maintain customers during the online phase in an ideal way. This is possible with EASI’R since the platform allows to store all online and offline leads centrally under a single roof and enables to continue further processing from there. Various features of EASI’R enable an efficient, digital customer maintenance.”

 Shortening of reaction times

By integrating EASI’R, TOYOTA Germany wants to assimilate to the new expectations of customers, which have changed due to the digitalization of the industry. The reaction times and the professionalism regarding contact with customers shall be particularly strengthened. Sevilay Gökkaya: “Studies show that approximately 60 % of all prospective customers expect a reaction from a salesman within the same day. 30 % are still fine with the following day. Besides from that, we have shortened reaction times. 80 % of all prospective customers make their purchase decision within a maximum of 8 weeks, and many within a shorter time period. This makes clear how important professional, consistent maintenance is during the purchase phase.”

EASI’R enables the shortening of reaction times via various lead management functions.  With EASI’R, all salespeople can collate leads from various sources
(e. g. requests via, via TOYOTA-dealership websites, third party websites, contacts from trade fairs and events, and also requests from the car show room) centrally under a single virtual roof. With only a few clicks, salespeople can gain insights into all customer information and the current status of a process. In addition, all types of leads – from the request for a test drive, through requests from an e-brochure, to the wish for a purchase advice or a purchase request – are directly being channeled through EASI’R. In order to guarantee a quick answer to customer requests, EASI’R offers a reminder function for the whole sales team. In addition, EASI’R helps salespeople to save time in the area of customer correspondence, since the system contains a preplanned, partially automated contact sequence with text proposals and professional layouts for the whole customer journey. This way, emails and marketing newsletters can also be generated with only a few clicks, while the integration of a personal touch is still possible at any time.

 More lead management flexibility with mobile solutions  

In order to enable salespeople maximum flexibility, EASI’R offers an app for smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. Via the app, salespeople can now process leads at any time, from everywhere, independent from their desktop computer in the office. As soon as a salesman receives, for example, a request for a test drive from a customer, the app is giving him a notification in real-time. The app for smartwatches handles predominately simpler tasks, like getting a notification for a current lead, or opening an email from anywhere. The use of the app on smartphones or tablets is intended for more complex tasks, like the quick response to a customer request. Aside from that, salespeople can also store new customer contacts and requests through the app, which they might receive at trade fairs. If desired, all notifications from EASI’R can also be sent to the user via SMS.

 Enhancing the quality of leads

Next to the enhancement of flexibility and pace when it comes to processing leads, TOYOTA also wants to enhance the overall quality of leads with EASI’R. In addition to collating leads from various sources under a single roof, EASI’R enables precise evaluation of the quality of leads. This way, the industry-wide wish for support with selection of high quality leads, and for help with recognizing where the most failures and successes occur, is fulfilled. More tailor-made, effective addressing of customers is made EASI’R.

 Support through Artificial Intelligence

In order to enable a tailor-made customer experience for each and every customer, and for the maximization of sales opportunities, TOYOTA is also using the intelligent EASI’R algorithm. The built-in intelligence can make predictions for the individual purchase-behavior, for example, when a customer might wish to acquire a new car. The algorithm can recognize this before the customer actually decides that they want to buy a new car. In addition, for every salesperson, the algorithm is predicting the most promising follow-up steps, as well as the ideal point of time and the ideal channel for contacting a customer (by SMS, landline or mobile phone, or by email). This way, the customer gets contacted in a manner that suits them.

The algorithm anonymizes the customer data, and works based on regional and brand specific data, building analytic clusters out of this information. Based on that, EASI’R can make concrete predictions for every single lead. The prognosis is being made exclusively and especially made for the specific dealership that is working with EASI’R, in order to optimize its customer relations and increase sales numbers.

 About EASI’R

EASI’R has been available since February 2016 and is being used in Germany by more than 1,000 dealerships, including the TOYOTA dealerships. In addition, eBay Motors Denmark and an Austrian Car Classifieds are working with EASI’R. Together with its previous iterations, EASI’R has been helping 2,600 car dealerships and 16,000 users European-wide to increase sales for 10 years, as well as some very well-known importers in different countries.

Picture: Klauer