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Press Release

Former SAP Vice President & Sales Manager from Germany, and Former Microsoft Project Manager from the U.S., have switched to Aarhus IT company EASI’R

  • Frank Bunte, former Vice President and Sales Manager at SAP, and Aksel Fagernæs, former U.S. Microsoft Project Manager, have switched to EASI’R
  • New international closed contracts on software licences have enabled EASI’R to hit yearly goal for 2016 in August already
  • Goal to double revenue in 2016 already achieved
  • Extension of EASI’R management in order to strengthen international sales

Aarhus, September 2016 – After having launched a new generation of its customer relations management software for the automotive industry in February 2016, the Aarhus IT company EASI’R achieved its own goal to double revenue until the end of 2016 already in August. EASI’R has started with eBay’s salesmen’s workbench Bilinfo as their first customer in Denmark of their new software generation in the beginning of 2016. Recently, four worldwide leading automotive companies have followed.  These are two leading importers in Germany with approx. 1,000 dealerships and service partners, an online car sales portal in Austria, and an international automotive software company based in the UK that integrated EASI’R into their portfolio offered to car manufacturers and importers.


Against this background of fast growth, EASI’R has now hired two top international experts who have joined the team in Aarhus: One of which is the former SAP Vice President Frank Bunte (at SAP at last Sales Manager OEM and Platform Sales Middle & Eastern Europe) who has started to commute between the German North Rhine Westphalia and Aarhus. The other one is Aksel Fagernæs who moved from the U.S. to Aarhus, after having worked for 16 years in Seattle in the Microsoft headquarters.

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Frank Bunte is filling in the newly created position of Vice President of Sales at EASI’R and will help the company with pitching the software to car manufacturers and importers all over Europe. Here, he will be using his excellent connections to Germany, a key market for EASI’R, and other European countries. Aksel Fagernæs is also filling a new position created due to the current growth. As a project manager at EASI’R, he will steer the implementation process of the software for those EASI’R customers that have chosen a particularly strategic integrated solution with car manufacturers and importers’ own systems.


Frank Bunte got interested in EASI’R when Mikael Moeslund shared an article which the U.S. tech-magazine “VentureBeat” had published in February 2016 about EASI’R and about the intelligent algorithm the company has developed to predict car sales. Aksel got hooked by one of the international job ads that EASI’R published since May.

CEO and Co-founder Mikael Moeslund explains: “When in January 2016 we set our goal to double the revenue until the end of 2016, I found that quite challenging, though I believed in our product of course. In order to manage this, we developed a way that enables us to proof the measurable added value that EASI’R has for OEMs, importers and Online Car Classified sites in only 75 days. This increased our sales significantly and now I am at a point where I cannot manage all this on my own anymore, so I was starting to look for highly skilled managers who had worked for international software companies before to help us, and who are willing to come to Aarhus and join the team. I am very happy that our product has convinced a former SAP Vice president as well as a Microsoft project manager from Seattle to take the chance and make a new start in Aarhus. The current growth has convinced them to come to a rather small town like Aarhus, even though they could have probably chosen any city in the world to push their careers.”