EASI’R: CRM Next Generation!

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Learn more about EASI’R – the Disruptive Automotive CRM Solution with the Unique Intelligent Algorithm Predicting When Customers Will Buy Cars – Even Before They Know Themselves

Our mission: With the new generation of EASI’R, we want to change and improve the work routine of car salesmen more than anything else ever managed to do before – and to fully disrupt the current CRM market. EASI’R now offers a complete new generation of Cloud CRM for the international automotive industry, being centered around a unique, built-in, intelligent algorithm, that can i. a. predict when customers are willing to buy a new car, even before they know it themselves. The algorithm is ready to predict right away from the first second on, is self-learning and works on the data that dealerships received from their own customers. The algorithm anonymizes that information and then uses the regional and brand specific data for making predictions, exclusively and specifically tailored to an EASI’R contractor.

With its predecessor CRM solution, EASI’R is already helping 2,600 automotive dealers and 16,000 users across Europe for 10 years to increase sales and is trusted by leading OEM’s like Audi, BMW, or VW. The first company to use the new, Artificial Intelligence CRM solution from EASI’R is eBay`s salesmen Workbench BILINFO, starting with 1,400 dealerships.


The purpose of the EASI’R algorithm: Predicting for the automotive industry what will happen, before it really happens and so enabling salesmen to maximise closure rates. By combining domain expertise with intelligent interactions, it smartly analyses anonymized patterns in customer behaviour, clusters them based on collected demographic data, on online searching behaviour on the dealer’s website and on past and present personal interaction with salesmen. This way, the EASI’R algorithm predicts the most promising next steps for each individual customer throughout their whole lifecycles – guiding salesmen to take a proven, best possible relations-accelerating path. Due to the enormous clustering work done by the EASI’R algorithm, it can e. g. predict when a customer is going to buy a new car. The data of specific customers being addressed then derive from personal customer contact information a dealer has collected, e. g. if a customer has registered for a test drive online or has used the car configurator, or had already bought a car earlier from the same dealer.

What the algorithm can do as well: In case a customer has rejected an offer, it predicts when the ideal time would be to contact them again and with which offer in order to increase the likeliness of closing a deal in the end. In addition, knowing the anonymized customer patterns, the algorithm tells automotive dealers when, by which communicative channel (e.g. if better via phone or e-mail), with which content or offer an individual customer needs to be addressed in order to maximise the likeliness of a purchase. All in all, the EASI’R algorithm turns every salesman, independent of personal talent, into kind of a “superhuman” sales person, by equipping him or her with the supernatural ability to predict the future, when it comes to customer behaviour.


EASI’R was specifically set up to equip automotive manufactures with a sharp tool enabling them to deal with the challenges arising from the current extensive upheaval of the automotive industry concerning customer relation management. With saturated markets, competition by new players, growing flexible mobility solutions, and Millennials being less keen on purchasing cars, automotive manufacturers are more than ever under pressure to improve customer loyalty, to remain competitive and to maintain the existing customer-stock. They need a tool enabling them to keep pace with a new customer generation, becoming ever more tech-savvy, demanding and handles pre-purchase research online. Besides, manufacturers often struggle with interrupted customer journeys due to non-integrated solutions or missing links between the on- and offline world.

To enable dealers to assimilate in the changed market situation, a new generation of CRM is needed, that is going beyond pure data collection, organization and automated tasks. EASI’R was setup to address the current industries’ challenges most efficiently. Therefore, unlike many competitors, EASI’R also covers the complete customer lifecycle, including the often neglected post-purchase phase, to enhance customer loyalty and the likeliness of future re-buying. Here, the EASI’R algorithm can help salesmen prevent losing a customer by analysing the likeliness that and when someone will drop out of the sales process – and figure out the most promising next steps for future follow-ups in order to strengthen their readiness to buy a car, as well as their brand loyalty.

EASI’R is available in three versions: Standard, Advanced and Premium. The Standard version offers a structured sales process, the Advanced Version enables more freedom of customization and integration to more than 500 apps. The Premium Version is for companies that want to be at the frontier of new technologies, containing the algorithm. Request a demo at www.easir.com/request-demo/