Big data and automated learning

Combining big data and automated learning through algorithms, creates a strong tool to maintain customer relations and loyalty.

At EASI’R we have joint forces with some of the brightest minds within their respective field of work in our advisory board. Dr. Morten Middelfart has 2 Ph.D.s, 7 U.S. patents and 25 worldwide patents within machine learning and business intelligence. Combining this with more than 20 years of work with big data Dr. Morten Middelfart has in close cooperation with the tech team at EASI’R developed algorithms that learns based upon the customer behavior. This means that the salespeople who uses the platform gain insight and help in the decision making to close more sales, and most important, how to keep and maintain a strong relation to the customers in the long run.

Below you can hear some of the key areas of which Dr. Morten Middelfart sees as not only the future, but what is possible already tomorrow when it comes to learn from big data.