How to Provide Automotive Online Leads a First Class Experience

Three tips from EASI’R on how to provide the same excellent service to online leads, that customers in the showroom receive! 

A lot of managers in automotive, responsible for retail or customer relations, are struggling with the following conflict that slows down sales processes: Though online lead sources are getting more and more important, they do not receive the same excellent service and attention that is standard in a good showroom. Whereas in a showroom customers are served right away, online leads often need to wait days until they receive a reply – and the content is often neither tailor-made nor truly helpful. Often, the lead never receives a follow-up.

Facts: Today, an estimated 65 % of all potential buyers start the purchase process on their smartphone and more than 90 % research additional information about their future car online (Source: Frost & Sullivan). Extra fact: The study from Frost & Sullivan estimates that in 2023, more than 70 % of all leads will come from online sources. The data clearly indicates: A good plan on how to improve the treatment of online leads is key to success and future car sales.

But how can you improve the customer service online and support potential car buyers on their journey to acquire a car from your brand? EASI’R has compiled three tips on how to accelerate automotive sales and relationships from a lead management perspective!


1. Enable dealerships to take customer wishes online as seriously as they do it in the showroom.

If a customer walks into a dealership, the standard procedure is to give him a warm welcome, take his jacket, offer him a coffee, sit down and talk about his wishes. In short; in the showroom, sales people invest time to provide a pleasant experience and to discuss the customers’ preferences – which builds trust, a sustainable relationship and increases the likelihood of selling the car. However, customers who reach out to dealerships online often do not experience the same attention. How to solve that?

⇒ Collect all available information that each online lead brings along. Such as age, preferred model, preferred colour, wished extras, location of residence, and store that information to be able to retrieve it afterwards. Motivate dealerships to use that information to tailor conversations and offers to the customer. The customer will appreciate this service!

⇒ Enable dealerships to follow up in real time: By equipping dealerships with a mobile solution that will notify salespeople about a new incoming lead immediately via an app on their smartwatches, tablets or smartphones. With the app, salespeople can also start the follow-up process in seconds. This procedure ensures that no customer is left waiting for hours or even days to get a reply on his request.

⇒ Give dealerships access to a customer’s research and purchase history: Has the customer bought another car before at your place? What was his budget? What was his family status? A good, automotive-specific lead management software that covers all steps of the car buyer’s specific journey will ease the work – and so help salespeople to make outstanding offers.


2. Lower the technical barriers.

The shift from a showroom focused customer service to the new online buying experience is a challenge not only on the level of OEMs, manufacturers and dealership groups, but also for each individual salesperson. If you want to succeed with new technical solutions, it is crucial to keep the end user’s (=salespeople in dealerships) needs in mind. Often, there is a general skepticism towards new technical solutions like an automotive lead management software, and the usage rates will remain low without a clear structure of how to empower their adaption. Therefore: Try to think as salespeople, anticipate their challenges and find a way to lower the barriers for the usage of IT solutions within retail. How?


⇒ Combine different IT solutions with an “Embed” solution and make data entry easier. With the increase of digitalization, dealerships have to work with many different IT solutions that cover specific areas of the retail process. One example: The contracts and legal framework is prepared in a salesman’s workplace, but for further work on the customer journey, salespeople need to open their lead management or CRM dashboard and enter the same data again. Two logins -> two rounds of data entry -> inconvenient -> lost time -> low motivation = lost data. This is a common chain reaction.

⇒ With the new EASI’R “Embed”, different IT solutions can easily be linked together. If a salesperson has, for example, just prepared the legal framework for a test drive on his salesmen’s workplace dashboard, a pop up window from EASI’R will open and will present that salesperson a form that has already been filled in via an automatic function. This way, all information from the legal preparation in the salesmen’s workplace will also be made available in the EASI’R dashboard, so that no data is lost in the system and the salesperson can conveniently continue his work on the lead management part of the planned test drive.


3. Find a tool that increases efficiency in dealerships – with automated functions.

As mentioned above, providing a great customer service is also a matter of the right timing. A customer who has to wait for a longer time will turn away and look for support at a faster dealership – and is eventually lost as a disappointed customer forever. However, for the dealership management and for salespeople, being quick, especially with online leads, is a true challenge. Today, on top of the customers walking into the showroom each day, they also need to handle hundreds of online leads. Efficiency is the key to success – enabled easily by automatization functions:

⇒ Equip dealerships with a software that has a function to automate tasks. With this feature, salespeople can easily keep customers in the loop and answer a lot of requests at the same time. The lead management or CRM solution you chose should have a great stock of pre-planned emails including professional layouts for different purposes, e. g. for a test drive confirmation, for a reply to a brochure request or a congratulation email for birthdays.

⇒ Consider a lead management, sales and relationship accelerating software that also allows to pre-plan tasks. This way, you make it more likely that all tasks are really followed up on time, e. g. that a brochure request is followed by an offer for a test drive, shortly after the brochure was sent.

Want to learn more about the EASI’R lead management, sales- and relations acceleration features? Get in touch at or check our website at

by Rasmus Helbo

Let’s Accelerate Sales – with the help of our EASI’R Support team!

Our top 4 of most frequently asked questions to the Customer Support team for Lead-management

Using a lead-management software like EASI’R sounds challenging for users that have not worked with this type of business software before. However, it can actually do a really great job to help car salespeople sell more cars in a shorter period of time and to ease them of all those tiny manual daily tasks, so that they can fully concentrate on their core competencies: Talking to customers, figuring out their needs and wishes and to close the contract in the end!

Let’s get an impression of the convenient usage of EASI’R and read the top 4 most frequently asked questions by our end-users who start working with EASI’R, answered by our experts, the international EASI’R Support team!

Most frequently asked question 1:   
Does EASI’R have a feature to send automated emails?

We often get this question asked by our end-users, because they are concerned with staying in touch with a variety of customers during a busy work day. To take stress off, EASI’R offers a feature called Automated relations. While creating activities in the system, the user can set up a communication strategy, which will be executed either hours or days after the last contact. This way, the car dealer can be sure that communication with the customer stays in a constant flow and he does not have to waste time and resources handling manual work.


Most frequently asked question 2:
How can I personalize, for example, emails in EASI’R?

Due to increasing digitalization, leads today are often generated via sources like car configurators or online test drive requests, which can be a bit impersonal for the customer. So, for the first initial contact, it is important to formulate emails in a more personal fashion. EASI’R offers different options to give communication a more personal touch. One of the first steps that we recommend taking, when a new dealer is starting to work with EASI’R, is to set up the signature and to add a picture. This way, the customer gets a more personal impression when getting contacted by the car dealer for the first time. Additionally, pre-written templates can help the car dealer to simplify communications.

EASI'R profile

Most frequently asked question 3:
I am often outside of the dealership hosting test drives or making deliveries. Is there an EASI’R app so I can work on my leads outside of the dealership?

EASI’R offers an app for iOS and for Android. It supports different platforms like smartwatches, smartphones, and tablets. This way, the car dealer can manage leads and communication in real-time, never missing out on a new incoming lead. The app enables them to see and act on customer requests from anywhere, any time, independent of their physical presence in the office. This is especially important since customers today expect a very fast follow-up on their requests. During their online research, they might have sent the same request to different dealerships and whichever is the fastest to follow-up, is very likely to win the lead.


Most frequently asked question 4:
Is it possible to integrate social media into EASI’R?

EASI’R supports a Social media integration feature, incorporating publicly available data from customers’ social media profiles into the system. As soon as the salesperson creates a new contact in EASI’R, the system scans all publicly available data in platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn and compares it to the data in EASI’R. If there is a match, the profiles will be linked in EASI’R. The data found online is valuable information for the salesperson, as they can now custom-make the communication towards the consumer. If a customer, for example, has two children, the salesperson is more likely to present a family-friendly car based on the information found in social media and can increase the chances of success.  With the Social media integration feature, salespeople can get to know their customers a bit better from the available online information – even though they have not yet met in person.

social-media-integration-german-mockupBy Nina Falkenreck, German Customer Support Manager 




Designing Software for the Automotive Retail Industry

An Interview with the EASI’R Product team!

Ensuring an outstanding user experience and optimal usability is essential for us at EASI’R. Our philosophy: An automotive lead-management solution needs to be designed in such a way, that salespeople in dealerships experience a significant ease on their daily work flow and a strong increase in efficiency. It needs to be designed in such a way that they understand how the software works immediately and enjoy using it each and every day.

In order to ensure all this, we have a special Product team at EASI’R, consisting of User Experience Designers, User Interface Designers and Graphic Designers, who work on ensuring an optimal usability and user experience of EASI’R lead-management SaaS every day. In close cooperation with our 2,600+ customers and 16,000+ users, the Product team works on providing features that really make a difference and help our customers to improve their retail processes.

Rechteck Jonas

Get an insight into the work of our EASI’R Product team in this interview with our great
Product Designer Jonas Techen – and get to know how the team is working on designing a software for the automotive industry!


Jonas, the Automotive industry is a very heterogenous industry, currently changing rapidly by digitalization. What is your most challenging design process?

Jonas: One of the greatest challenges is designing a tool that provides value across different positions in automotive retail organizations, while preserving a coherent and unified experience for all of our users. Thus, we do not only consider the needs of car salespeople, but at the same time we also consider the needs of Sales managers in a dealership, of regional managers, and of administrators. They all have different workflows, purposes and expectations when interacting with EASI’R. Embracing this difference, and its interconnected nature, is always the end goal of our design efforts.

Another closely connected challenge is to understand the specific context in which a lead-management software like EASI’R is used, in order to evaluate if a certain feature is deemed to be valuable in the complex automotive retail process. Take the car salesperson’s use of EASI’R as an example. What step of the car salesperson’s workflow are we trying to empower? Is the car salesperson trying to overcome multiple tasks simultaneously? Is the collaboration with a colleague necessary? Is the car salesperson situated in a busy showroom, or quiet office? What type of device is appropriate in a given situation? A smartphone? A desktop computer? A smartwatch? All these questions, amongst many others, need to be answered in order to turn numerous digital features into one useful and appropriate experience.

Jonas: “We believe that the first 10 minutes of  using a lead-management solution is paramount to the decision-making of deeming it worthwile.


What are the key aspects you work on to maximize the usability?

Jonas: As Product designers, we always go to great lengths to keep our understanding of the automotive retail process aligned with reality. These efforts dictate how the platform is shaped, both in terms of usability and experience. As an example: When we release new functionalities for the automatic reports that users can create in EASI’R, we need to make sure that this matches with the  performance indicators of automotive salespeople – namely their sales targets. This feature is also a great example of how different positions in the same automotive retail process are expecting different outcomes, when interacting with EASI’R: A Sales manager expects a tool to lead the Sales team towards a common sales target by problem solving, and the car salesperson expects a tool to motivate and embrace the competitive aspect of sales – while both are seeking improvement in sales. It is the Product team’s responsibility to meet these expectations across the many different use cases and scenarios.

A common challenge for many lead-management solutions is to convince the users to indeed use the software on a daily basis. How do you cope with that challenge?

Jonas: We believe that the first 10 minutes of using a product is paramount to the decision-making of deeming it worthwhile. Our approach is to show the purpose of using EASI’R as fast as possible – why should you, as a car salesperson for example, invest time in yet another tool? The answer lies in showing the value gained, by using EASI’R in your workflow, and show how that value can be obtained. A car salesperson wants to know how EASI’R can be used to acquire new customers or stay up-to-date with an existing customer journey. A Sales manager wants to know how EASI’R can provide an overview of the team’s obstacles, and ensure that different common targets are met. We show these values to the different users, by setting up automated processes that guide them through the EASI’R interface, while at the same time, working with it themselves – turning a novice user into an experienced user, by empowering them. We also put a lot of effort into designing the onboarding experience of new users, and as a end goal encourage self-exploration of the EASI’R interface.

FullSizeRender (39)

How do you validate your design – what is the exact process to get customer feedback and check if your concept works?

Jonas: Validating a design solution is continuously done throughout the entire design process, hence there is no final step of the design process where we validate in isolation. We strive towards embracing a mentality where our users, such as car salespeople and Sales managers, are seen as participants of the design process. Typically, this is done by inviting users to interact with the unfinished proposed design solution, through a prototype with an appropriate amount of details. Afterwards, we discuss and brainstorm on the proposed solution with the users and adjust it accordingly. This process is conducted several times until the result meets the expectations of our users. Validation also happens indirectly through qualitative interviews, where we focus on how the individual user perceives the automotive retail process, instead of interacting with a prototype. Knowing what method to use, and when, is very important to make the design process successful.

Interested in getting to know EASI’R? Learn more about the system at or directly request your personal demo by getting in touch with us at We are looking forward to hearing from you!


International Success Together with Strong Partners

Regional expertise, exclusive insider knowledge, new connections and fresh input: No doubt, for us at EASI’R, authorized business partners play a key role in our GTM (Go To Market) strategy. Every partner enriches EASI’R with its own deep understanding of regional and local automotive retail markets, with country-specific visions, keys to unlocking closed doors and ambitions to shape the future of the automotive retail industry. Our partners help us to realize our vision: To revolutionize global automotive retail with an advanced lead-management and sales acceleration software, that helps OEMs, importers, large dealer groups and providers of car classified sites to sell smarter, faster, more targeted and 100 % in line with the demands of increasing digitalization.

We are proud to be working together with some of the best partners in the European automotive industry such as ART PM Automotive, ANNSCOM, GUDAT CONSULTING, CONTEAM, White Clarke Technologies, and ARCOMA PROMOTION AG, and are always open to welcoming new partners on board, helping us and them to accelerate growth and execute our “partner-first” strategy.

Read more about our partner approach in the 2-minute-interview with the EASI’R VP of Sales, Frank Bunte.

Blog Frank

Question: Frank, why are partners important for EASI’R?

Frank Bunte: The worldwide automotive industry has been enjoying a period of relatively strong growth and profitability, thus annual sales volumes have reached pre-recession levels in some regions. We observe two trends here:

1. Dealers earn little from new-car sales; their profits come largely from service, parts sales, and used-car sales. They will, however, continue to be a vital part of the sales chain, and the lack of a robust dealership network will for the foreseeable future be a competitive disadvantage for any automaker.

2. Consumers want a seamless car-buying experience that includes the purchase decision, financing, and insurance — and both customers and dealers are motivated to speed up the transaction process from lead to car sold. Most vehicle purchasers already browse online to gather the information they need to choose a car, and although they still may want to take a test drive, many have also expressed that they would like to have an online “buy now” button and a “no-pressure” auto purchasing experience. Obviously, even as the internet gains importance as a shopping channel, dealers will still want to use the test drive as a way to get face-to-face with consumers and close a sale.

“EASI’R is used by more than 2600 dealerships, many were introduced by partners. The market potential for EASI’R is huge, there are more than 68.000 dealers in Europe alone, across 36 markets, who all have their own specifics and flavours to process not to disregard sales culture. We need partners who understand their automotive retail markets.”

That means: Accommodating these shifting attitudes about buying a car will require equal changes to dealers’ processes, including investment in new technology. It is our mission to build a market leading, high quality product with EASI’R, in order to facilitate and support the transformation of the industry as described and address all challenges along the way. However, with over 68.000 dealers in Europe alone across 36 markets, who all have their own specifics and flavours to process not to disregard sales culture, we need partners who understand their automotive retail markets and its specifics and complexities, inside and out. Even more importantly, they are trusted business partners and have strong relationships with OEM’S, NSC’s, importers, with dealers and dealership groups all around the world.EASI'R dashboard

Question: What do you expect from a possible partner and what can they expect from EASI’R in return?

Frank Bunte: We are open for any potential partner who understands and feels at home in this rapidly changing and very dynamic ecosystem of automotive retail. We work together with traditional partners like CRM boutiques who have clients such as importers, dealership groups etc. We also work together with marketing agencies that drive lead generation campaigns for OEMs or importers, and we work together with financial institutions which are active in the area of providing leasing and financial services to the industry.

For us, those that change the legacy systems to prepare dealers for the future of lead management and car sales, as well as those who just have an interest to leverage their trusted relationships and network in this industry, are very welcome to join us as an affiliate or referral partner.

Our product is already deployed and productive at more than 2600 dealerships in Europe alone, many of those were introduced through partners, which proves our model and that we are working along the right track. A fair, transparent and loyal relationship with all of our partners who have joined us up to date, has led to that success and we are looking forward to welcoming new partners on board to accelerate that success further.

easir apple watch use

Question: What does the process of becoming an EASI’R partner look like?

Frank Bunte: That is fairly simple to answer. Anyone who has an interest to joining our partner family can reach out to or approach me directly. We would appreciate a brief introduction and rationale behind your interest when you reach out. We typically respond within 24 hours and get back to interested parties with more details around our partner program and schedule an initial video call to walk you through the specifics of the on-boarding process and agree on next steps. So, if you like what you read about us so far and consider partnering, don’t hesitate to reach out now and we look forward to hearing from you.


Frank Bunte: By the way: We have established a premium partner on-boarding process at EASI’R to make sure that our partners are trained, enabled, and equipped with all they need in a very short period of time to become productive, authorized and to drive business. Our on-boarding team includes dedicated partner managers as well as sales and marketing support, so we don’t leave any of our partners alone and are all in it to WIN together big time. We also appreciate constant feedback, both on our operating partner framework, as well as the product fit itself, and take that into serious consideration in our release planning to make sure our partners succeed in front of their customers.

Header picture: Samuel Zeller/






EASI’R at Elasticon 2017!

Have you ever experienced a ballerina opening a tech conference? Sounds like a strange move? Well, not anymore if you consider that in order to showcase this performance, the conference organisers shipped biometric and audio data into the Elastic Stack for visualization. Welcome to Elasticon 2017, the largest gathering of Elastic Stack users around the world, consisting of 85,000 community members! Our Senior backend developer Morten Hauberg visited the conference in San Francisco and shares some of his favourite impressions!


Read what Morten found most impressive below – and sorry for all non-IT-experts, it is getting very technical now!

• Painless – built with security in mind where the syntax is similar to Groovy, but way faster. It was created from a few CVE’s and the priority is on security and speed. It’s built using Antlr, which compiles to bytecode.
• Beats – it comes with a new feature called “modules”. A new version 5.3 was introduced and these modules simplify setup and contain custom dashboards for Kibana.
• Kibana – pipeline aggregations and more customizable dashboards.


There were also many updates from Elastic. The version 6 will be better at compression and faster at synonym handling. There is also a new range field, for example, check availability in tasks. There will be a SQL to ES syntax converting module. ML module has been added to X-pack. It’s really cool, and especially good for anomaly detection!


By the way: We at EASI’R are also always using the latest technology and of course work with the above mentioned solutions. Interested in working with us? We are always looking for new developers for our headquarter in Aarhus, get in touch with our HR responsible Miriam at

Header picture: Miguel Salgado
Middle Picture:


225,000 visitors, 6,500 exhibitors and five days full of the latest industrial technology trends – the Hannover Messe in 2017!
Of course, we at EASI’R couldn’t miss such an event and so we sent our VP of Sales, Frank Bunte, to the trade fair in Germany to spot the newest developments of the global automotive industry.

Industriepreis certificate png


However, discovering new innovations and product launches was not the only reason Frank had to visit the event.

During the trade fair, the most innovative Software Solutions of the year 2017 were awarded with the prestigious INDUSTRIEPREIS 2017 and we at EASI’R are proud and happy to have received the “Best of 2017” certificate, for our lead-management and sales acceleration solution for the automotive industry!


But enough self-praise, and back to the conference. What Frank was looking for in detail in Hannover, were the developments regarding digitalization of automotive retail – a key topic for us at EASI’R who help OEM’s, NSC’s and importers to bridge the gap between the online- and offline worlds in the customer journey and help sales people to pick up customers already in front of their smartphones, tablets and laptops at home, when they do research for a new car, before they even visit the dealership.

Picture Frank2Frank’s recap after the trade fair: “The increasing digitalization of automotive retail was a dominant topic among the visitors. The future of the automotive industry is changing tremendously, major manufacturers and retailers must diversify their customer engagement and business models in a more and more digital way or risk becoming irrelevant and forgotten in the eyes of the consumer.

In this context, data is becoming an increasingly important part of the equation, where automotive companies are now using a digital multi-channel approach to better understand their prospective buyers and cater to their increasingly sophisticated ways. Corporations are collecting this consumer data from the web and incorporating it into their business plans as sales continue to shift from brick and mortar to online, creating detailed customer profiles collected from online transactions. The strategy is to apply this data to a more tailored or customized approach to the in-dealership experience to then increase likelihood of a transaction”.

Solutions needed that address the changing consumer behavior in automotive

Additionally, while solutions exist for all processes up to the Point-of-Sale and the future of automobile connectivity, for instance, the gap between fleet-management and workshops will be closed through a real-time vehicle monitoring by permanent connectivity through location based services. There are only a few solutions to address the measurement of pre- and post-sale interactions and engagement, specifically around increased lead conversion, customer retention and increasing repeat business. Nearly all consumers do research first online, before going to a dealership, thus vehicle purchases made by consumers who walk into a dealership first, have significantly dropped over the last few years. 75 percent of all consumers have purchased the car they already had in mind when visiting a dealership. Consumers identify car reviews on independent websites as their most trusted source and 68 percent report using online sources to find the dealership of choice. Source: Deloitte, The Foundation of Future Retail Report.

New business and sales models will evolve as the data gap will eventually, close, but no clear winners have emerged yet.

What Frank was particularly impressed with during his time at HANNOVER MESSE, were the several growth and expansion-stage companies entering into this area, some that we had seen before in their earlier stages and others, that were entirely new to the conference scene.

Here’s a sneak peek of his favourite highlight…


Virtourio, which is a subsidiary of Favendo Group, the European market leader in location based services, provides it’s automotive retail clients a completely new kind of targeted approach, by guiding and driving interaction with the point of interest using mobile as the key for future decentralized car dealerships. By integrating location based marketing, indoor navigation and augmented reality, they will enable their clients to cover data collection along the entire marketing process, enriching leads with valuable information generated directly at the point of sale and ultimately driving higher conversions.

With the App you can interact with your customers the moment they are receptive or are interested in a specific car, you provide the possibility to recognize every vehicle in the street and make personalized, specific offers for new and used cars as well as mobility packages. You can also visualize your customers dream configuration whilst showing them the available vehicles at any car dealers nearby. If that is not enough, you can provide local test cars by delivery services, rental cars or car sharing, guide the customer automatically to the selected retailer and by indoor navigation directly to their car of choice without any human interaction – literally bridge the gap from first digital engagement into the physical dealership to interact with your car sales staff.

With the App you can advice and sell – especially on Sundays and holidays. You can also accompany the prospective buyer easily over a longer decision period by providing all those relevant interactions and data points into your Lead Management and Sales Acceleration Apps, such as EASI’R.

Interested in EASI’R? Request a personal demo with Frank Bunte at and discover how we can help you to accelerate your sales!

1: Shetsova
2: Frank Bunte


EASI’R Feature Updates

New lead-management-functionalities: For “Rights & Roles“ and for “Field Linkages“ 

To provide our customers with a lead-management solution that really fits their needs and makes their daily work routine much easier, we make regular adjustments for EASI’R, based on the feedback of our customers. Learn more about two recent updates which might also be helpful for the daily work routine of your sales team!

We have introduced a “Field Linkages function”, and have significantly extended the “Rights & Roles” area. The adjustments of the “Rights & Role” area gives admins more freedom to fine tune their individual user management. Our updated field linkages function makes the data entry even easier for users, it helps to save time and helps to avoid data entry mistakes.

You can find a short description of these updates below. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.


With the new update for “Rights & Roles” in EASI’R, admins can finely tune the definition and accessibility of the roles they want to assign to people in the sales team by themselves. The admin can now freely determine, which groups (e. g. salesperson, sales manager) or specific users are allowed to delete cases, edit and delete tasks, delete customer contacts along with many more specifications (see the following screenshot).

Rights & Roles

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 11.49.54

In addition, the admin can now decide which plan-specific features of the whole EASI’R feature package the users are supposed to see – if a dealership wants to exclude and therefore hide the option of e. g. the Social Media integration feature (which allows the sales team to retrieve information from the public social media information of their customers), the admin can now make it invisible for a defined group.


With the introduction of the EASI’R field linkage function, we want to give our customers the opportunity to create their own field combinations which makes their whole process of data entry easier, faster, and helps to avoid mistakes.

An example: Let’s take the field “Model of interest”, being selected in EASI’R during the data entry process by a salesperson, when he receives a new lead. If that dealership offers new and used cars, it might make sense to specify that customer wish in more detail, for example with a field New/Used car. With field linkages, you can now link both fields so that only models of the current product range are shown in the field “Model of interest”, when “New” has been selected in the field “New/Used car”. Similarly, you may tie the fuel options (such as diesel, gasoline, hybrid etc.) to specific models. So, when Model A is selected in the field “Model of interest” and it is only offered with diesel engines, then the field linkages can ensure that the value diesel is automatically selected in the field fuel options.

EASI'R Field Linkages


Picture header: Spiske



Automotive Lead-management Solution EASI’R Becomes Lead-Hub for AutoScout24

Press Release

  • AutoScout24 and EASI’R start collaboration Germany-wide with TOYOTA dealerships
  • Two flexible options for dealerships: Process used car leads or, in case of need, convert used car leads into new car leads
  • 3-sided integration: EASI’R connects online car marketplace with importer and dealerships, for more targeted offers and dynamic processes between used and new car retail  

Chemnitz/Aarhus 25.04.2017 – Loyalty Factory GmbH launches its lead-management solution EASI’R to the German car classifieds market, in cooperation with Europe’s biggest car online marketplace AutoScout24. First, the cooperation encompasses the TOYOTA dealerships in Germany, an extension to another leading importer in Germany is already in the implementation phase.

In the background of AutoScout24, EASI’R now functions as a lead-hub, which connects the car online market with the participating dealerships and feeds all leads from the used car section directly in the EASI’R lead-management dashboard of that dealership that has published the requested car on AutoScout24. A precondition of this is that the salespeople in the dealership are working with EASI’R. TOYOTA Germany has already introduced the software in 2016 to their whole dealership network in Germany and bundles leads from various online sources in the system (e.g. coming via or dealership websites), as well as leads coming from the showroom, from trade fairs and events. Now, AutoScout24 is added as a new online-lead-source that is integrated with EASI’R.

The collaboration between EASI’R and AutoScout24 enables the participating dealerships to process either the requested used car leads in the most systematic, fast way, in real-time, or allows the participating dealerships if needed, to start initiatives in order to convert used car leads into new car leads.  

Option A: Used car leads – faster processes, better customer service

An advantage for the dealerships due to the new interface between EASI’R and AutoScout24, is the fast, systematic forwarding of used car leads directly to the lead-management tool of the sales person. This way, leads are no longer lost, but are automatically created as a new case in the lead-management dashboard of the user. Via various features, EASI’R enables a faster further processing of leads, including pre-planned, partially automated contact sequences with text proposals and professional layouts, e. g. for emails for an offer or a test drive appointment, as well as reminder functions to ensure fast follow-ups with the customer, and an app, which sends notifications about new leads in real time to the mobile phone, tablet or smartwatch of the salesperson. In addition, via the EASI’R reporting function, dealerships can neatly evaluate how many leads are being generated by AutoScout24 in comparison to other lead sources, e. g. the dealership websites, and about which source most test drives requests came in from and finally lead to closed deals.

Stefan Page, Head of Strategic Accounts at AutoScout24 says about the collaboration with EASI’R: “For us as an online auto market, it is important to offer our users an optimal purchase experience. Consumers today expect fast replies to their online requests. Together with EASI’R, we help our partners, in the form of fast, practical processes and enable a targeted customer approach, as well as a service on a completely new level.”

Option B: Converting used car leads into new car leads

In the context of the collaboration with AutoScout24, EASI’R not only connects the car online market place with the participating dealerships, but also with the importer on the national level. The background to this 3-part integration is the enabling of optimal offers under agreement of all stakeholders, which gives the dealerships in the middle of the coordination chain the opportunity, for the first time, to start certain customer requests initiatives in a systematic way in order to convert used car leads into new car leads.

The decision of a sales person to either pursue the sales process of the actually requested used car, or alternatively to suggest a new car for an eventual higher price, depends on the one hand, on his personal assessment of the customer, e. g. based on the purchase history and personal information that EASI’R shows him. On the other hand, the situation on the importer level is relevant: Depending on which new car model is meant to be pushed on a national level in the market, the importer can suggest to the dealership a new car as an alternative offer for the customer, which fits to his wishes he has typed in the search mask of AutoScout24.

EASI’R lead-management software has been specifically developed to close the gap between online and offline processes in the customer journey, which has been caused by increasing digitalization in the automotive industry. EASI’R CEO Mikael Moeslund: „Customers do their purchase research increasingly online and find their way into the dealership quite late. By cooperating with AutoScout24, we can now help importers, manufacturers and dealerships better address customers during the online phase and pick them up in front of their laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet and guide them to the dealership – for a test drive and to close the deal.”

Press Release: Gamification Launch

Game-mechanism for more acceptance of business software in the car dealership: EASI’R launches Gamification for its lead-management solution

Chemnitz/Aarhus, March 2017 – The biggest challenge regarding the usage of lead-management software in a car dealership: Motivate the employees to really use the software. In order to make regular and gapless usage by the sales team as attractive as possible, the automotive IT company Loyalty Factory is now launching a “Gamification feature” for its lead-management solution EASI’R.

Future researcher and gamification expert Nora S. Stampfl from f/21, Büro für Zukunftsfragen (transl.: office for future questions), in Berlin, explains the concept: „The success of the usage of business software stands and falls with the participation of the employees. Since almost nothing attracts as much attention, and knows how to motivate people and elicits engagement and endurance like games do, a gamification approach of such a software seems to be natural. With this new approach, elements that we know from video games, e. g. points, badges or leaderboards, are being integrated into the software. With the help of such game mechanisms, can gamification create a motivation-accelerating system made of incentives, feedback and rewards, which moves the behaviour in a desired direction.”

This is how the EASI’R gamification feature works:  

For every action that has been successfully executed with EASI’R during the lead processing work, the system awards the user with a certain amount of points. He who e. g. has accepted an online lead that has just come from a dealership website, has sent a marketing e-mail via the system or has registered an appointment for a test drive in his user dashboard, gets points. How many points are attributed to each action, can be determined individually by the sales managers in a car dealership.

The time factor is important as well. The idea behind this is: The faster a lead is being processed further, the more points the user will receive – because this trains the sales team to fulfil the customer expectations of quick follow-ups, especially to their online requests.  Altogether, the users can play through 15 different levels by collecting points. If a user reaches a certain intermediate level, EASI’R will award them with badges, e.g. a virtual prize cup.

Rankings and Likes for a casual competition amongst colleagues in the car dealership

To ignite the sporty ambition in the team, EASI’R shows each employee on the right site of the lead-management dashboard, how many points and badges the other team members have already won. The colleagues can follow the actions of the other employees any time and can also give each other positive feedback, e. g. by “liking” when a colleague has registered an initial customer contact in EASI’R. A ranking of all team members shows each employee which position he/she is currently occupying.

EASI’R CEO Mikael Moeslund: „The user acceptance is very decisive. It is crucial that the daily usage of a lead-management software is fun and that the users get familiar with it in a playful way.”

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Not every customer takes the same route

EASI’R lets you create unlimited relations paths, so that you can tailor your communications and match your activities to each lead type, maximizing the sales potential.

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Your sales personnel need to be free to serve customers, where their efforts will pay off the most. EASI’R provides a structured, fuss-free process that makes it quick to review relationship growth and follow up with just a few clicks, so time-wasting manual tasks aren’t putting the brakes on your revenue or draining your limited resources.

Automated Relations 1

EASI'R Automated Relations 2

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Your relationship history – At a glance

Get single stream visibility into your past and planned activities, so you can drive each customer through your sales pipeline and automate relationship-building initiatives. One screen. All the data you need to decide how to engage customers next.

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With comprehensive overviews and data-driven insights, EASI’R shows you what’s going on in real-time. Generate reports that expose relations-building holes, so you can plug a drippy sales pipeline before it costs you customers and revenue.

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EASI’R gives you the freedom to access your leads and reports from wherever you are, so critical data is at your fingertips when it matters most. Take EASI’R with you on any device to stay on top of your targets, even when you’re not at your desk.


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